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In 2011, the brand was created by Sascha Gussen and launched on the market in Riga, Latvia.

Company in the recruitment sector - Gussen Language started as a language school and since 2017 became a full-service medical recruitment agency for EU citizens with a unique approach. It was created with one common goal – to combine an effective training program and a transparent recruitment service, that would help medical professionals to achieve the life changing opportunity to live and work in Germany with confidence and ease.

Today Gussen Language is a well-known language school and medical recruitment company within Latvia and Lithuania, providing personal approach, strong medical German knowledge, preparation for language examination in Germany and job interviews, helping to find the best suited jobs for your interests.

Sascha Gussen

Sascha Gussen is the CEO and founder of Gussen Language. Sascha has a degree in German philology and Economics. He has been an expat in Latvia since 2011, which has given him first-hand experience and insights into the challenges and opportunities that students face when they are moving to Germany to pursue their careers and start their lives there.

Sascha is passionate about transparent recruitment and believes that it is possible to create a recruitment process that is fair, ethical and provides a positive experience for both students and the hospitals in cooperation. He has built Gussen Language with this philosophy at its core, and the company's commitment to transparency and personalized service has made it a trusted partner for medical professionals  ensuring that they have the best possible chances for success in their career aspirations in Germany.